Infosys demos next-gen “natural user interface” for cable TV

Following a new trend in television interaction, Infosys showed new ways to allow consumers to experience television via multi-channel “natural user interfaces” (NUI) at the Cable Show in Boston.

Participating in an interactive demo area called “Imagine Park,” the company showed how digital TV consumers can forego the remote control and use voice, facial-recognition and simple gesture-based movements to access personalized content and interact with a cable set-top-box.

Natural user interfaces (NUI)—including touch, voice, video and gesture interfaces —in devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to peripherals such as videogame consoles provide an opportunity for cable companies to deliver personalized interactive customer experiences, Infosys demonstrated.

“Cable television innovation is crucial to serve the growing number of digital consumers who expect rich, interactive, personalized viewing experiences, and natural user interfaces are the next step in the evolution of TV entertainment,” said Mit Majumdar, head of U.S. cable practice at Infosys.

From the perspective of cable multiple services operators, Infosys said multi-channel user interfaces would allow service providers to increase customer loyalty, emphasize personalization and help add interactive revenue-generating channels to differentiate their television service offerings.

Using popular devices such as Microsoft’s XBOX Kinect for accessing Live TV and video-on-demand (VOD) on set-top-boxes, Viroo Mirju and Majumdar demonstrated user interfaces that helped consumers find personalized content and to navigate to their favorite show with the wave of a hand.

Infosys provides business consulting, technology, engineering and outsourcing services to help cable clients in over 30 countries build new technologies and services.

See a video demonstration:,VsYXFyNDoJshFmqrW1WRnIed7_6Q48K4