Iconix HD-RH1 Camera System Used on NBC Universal‘s ‘Knight Rider‘

TV Movie Uses POV Camera To Capture High Definition Driving Footage

Iconix Video, a leading developer of advanced high-definition camera systems and maker of the world‘s smallest professional quality HD video camera, announced today the use of the Iconix HD-RH1 camera system on the TV movie “Knight Rider,” which aired on NBC on Sunday, February 17.

“Knight Rider” executive producers Doug Liman (“The Bourne Identity” franchise and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”) and David Bartis (“The O.C.” and NBC‘s “Heist”) joined together to bring back the 1980s television classic. The two-hour movie event, directed by Steve Shill (“The Kill Point” and “Dexter”), brings KITT and a talented cast of young and seasoned actors into the 21st century. David Hasselhoff returns as special guest star Michael Knight.

The Iconix HD-RH1 was used in the filming of “Knight Rider,” allowing the production team to acquire a range of shots that would not have been possible with a standard-sized HD camera, including scenes inside KITT filmed from the point of view of the car itself. According to “Knight Rider” DP Jamie Barber (“The O.C.” and “Roswell”), the HD-RH1 was an integral part of creating the film‘s overall look.

“The driving shots could only be accomplished with the Iconix, and the film would not have turned out the way it did without it,” Barber said. “The camera is so small that I was able to put it in places where I wouldn‘t have been able to put an ordinary camera without a lot more time and effort. There was one shot where the car runs literally right over the camera, right down the middle of the street. Using black paper tape, I taped the camera to the road, ran the cable, and then had the car run over it at high speed. There was maybe a half-inch clearance over the camera--there‘s no other high def camera I could have done that with.”

Using a suction cup mount and c-stand arm, Barber was able to mount HD-RH1 virtually anywhere on the car itself. “The majority of the interior shots were accomplished with the Iconix,” Barber continued. “Shots of the car driving itself, the steering wheel turning, all of that kind of thing. The Iconix is such a small, light camera that we could put it anywhere--we would do mounts on the outside of the door as the car was driving, looking over the empty driver‘s seat and into the passenger seat.”

In addition to the Iconix HD-RH1, the “Knight Rider” production team used the Sony F23, recording out to an SR1 deck. “Both the Iconix and the F23 record to an SR deck, so there were absolutely no compatibility issues for us,” Barber explained. “And the image quality was phenomenal--complete inter-cutability. We set up a rig in the trunk of the car with special slots for the SR1 decks and the Iconix controllers. We would just slip in the deck, and instead of all this grip gear, I had the black paper tape, so I could mount the Iconix exactly where I wanted it and we were able to go right away. The Iconix simplified our workflow, and it gave me creative freedom.”

A first for a camera this size, the HD-RH1 system can capture and output video in both NTSC and PAL formats in all HD resolutions, including 720p, 1080i and 1080p while supporting frame rates of 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 frames-per-second (fps).

The HD-RH1 incorporates an expansive array of features found only on top-of-the-line HD ENG and EFP camera systems while utilizing an innovative signal processing architecture. This POV camera system, which includes a very robust separate camera head and processing controller unit, is the smallest high performance HD camera in the industry. The lightweight HD-RH1 remote camera system is comprised of a 1.32” x 1.50” x 1.92” POV camera head weighing 2.5 oz.; a 3.5 lb. universal HDTV controller unit measuring 8.4” x 1.8” x 12”; power supply, and 3, 6 and 10 meter cables.

About Iconix Video, Inc.

Iconix Video, Inc. develops high performance, high functionality and small form factor POV (point-of-view) HD cameras for use in broadcast, film, military, security and scientific markets. The company‘s first product, the HD-RH1 remote head camera system, is the only 3 CCD camera of its size, weight, versatility, and performance that rivals ENG, EFP and HD studio level cameras at a fraction of the cost. Iconix Video was founded in 2003, and is based in Santa Barbara, Calif. For more information, visit www.iconixvideo.com.