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Buena Park, CA – October 2008… Hosa Technology, the leading innovator of analog and digital connectivity solutions for the modern musician and audio/video professional, and distributor of Da-Cappo Micro Microphones throughout the Americas, is pleased to announce the introduction of Da-Cappo’s new DA07 Dual Folding Ear Micro Microphone. Featuring an advanced capsule that delivers superior audio quality and a highly adjustable, comfortable, dual folding earpiece design, the new DA07 is an ideal choice for today’s on-stage and on-air talent.

Central to any microphone’s feature set is its capsule, and this is among the new DA07’s finest attributes. Utilizing a European designed 2.5 mm diameter capsule, this Omni directional microphone delivers extremely natural sounding, full 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response with a rich low end, articulate midrange, and pristine, high frequency performance. The DA07’s capsule also provides superb EMI (electro-magnetic interference) protection. With flat frequency response across the microphone’s entire operating range, the DA07 delivers natural sounding, clear audio performance. The DA07 is available in two sensitivities: standard and -10 dB for broadcast applications.

For anyone who wears an over-the-ear type microphone for their work, comfort is an important consideration and, again, the new DA07 excels. The DA07’s soft, comfort-fit silicone ear cushion incorporates a flexible, sprung steel mechanism that can easily be adjusted to fit a wide range of ear sizes. Performers need to simply bend or stretch the curvature to obtain the perfect fit. In addition, the DA07 features an adjustable boom that slides back and forth, thus making it easy to position the microphone for the best possible audio results.

Da-Cappo’s DA07 Dual Folding Ear Micro Microphone’s capsule is also water resistant and incorporates a protective sweat ring on the boom that provides moisture protection. The DA07’s capsule is impervious to perspiration or rain—making these microphones ideal for performers and broadcasters who, for example, must routinely endure the heat generated by stage lighting systems.

The DA07 is available in four colors—beige, black, coffee, and white—enabling the microphone to blend seamlessly against a performer’s skin tone. Further, with its flat folding design, the DA07 stores conveniently.

Jonathan Pusey, Hosa Technology’s National Marketing Manager, commented on the new Da-Cappo DA07 Dual Folding Ear Micro Microphone. “The DA07 features Da-Cappo’s unique, Euro-designed capsule, which not only delivers stellar audio performance, but adds greater versatility by being water resistant. Hence, it is able to withstand perspiration and other forms of moisture. The DA07 is also highly adjustable and extremely comfortable, enabling performers to wear the mic for extended periods and obtain maximum sonic performance in the process. Combined with its flat folding design for convenient storage, I’m confident prospective customers of all persuasions will find much to like about the DA07.”

The DA07 ships in a protective leatherette pouch that contains the microphone, a cable, a cable clip, and a wind sock. A wireless adaptor is sold separately. MSRP for the DA07 Dual Folding Ear Micro Microphone is $530 ($539 for the -10 dB version). The DA07 is available now.

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