Triveni Digital GuideBuilder™ Provides PSIP Solution for ABC's HD Network

PRINCETON, N.J. -- April 28, 2008 -- Triveni Digital, a subsidiary of LG Electronics (LGE), today announced that its GuideBuilder™-based network PSIP (Program and System Information Protocol) management system will be used by the ABC television network to aid distribution of its HD network programming information. The new solution from Triveni Digital leverages the company's GuideBuilder Network VANC Receiver (NVR) module to give ABC affiliate stations a convenient means of making last-minute changes to information -- including program schedules, parental guidance ratings, or emergency updates -- in their HD digital television streams.

ABC's HD network delivers regular HD video and audio, along with information in the VANC data band including last-minute updates for closed captioning, V-Chip, and PSIP data, as well as other critical overrides provided by a central network administrator. Triveni Digital's network PSIP management configuration is being made available to ABC affiliate stations to extract the information carried in the VANC data band and incorporate it into PSIP data for local delivery. The Triveni Digital system provides network affiliates with immediate scheduling and critical DTV system information updates as they happen.

Triveni Digital's new network PSIP management configuration comprises the company's GuideBuilder NVR module and a GuideBuilder PSIP generator. The GuideBuilder NVR module extracts the network's schedule information from the VANC data band and composes a PMCP schedule file (ATSC A/76A) that includes event title and description, all late-change information, V-Chip updates, closed caption signaling, and other critical system information. The GuideBuilder PSIP generator then imports this schedule file to update scheduling and critical DTV system information that are relevant to the network affiliate. Updates can vary from information such as program scheduling information or parental guides to network-critical announcements, for example, messages from the White House or Department of Homeland Security.

"Our GuideBuilder system provides a reliable solution for managing PSIP data in HD broadcasts, helping broadcasters meet FCC requirements, as well as the expectations of viewers watching affiliate station feeds across the country," said Ralph Bachofen, Triveni Digital senior director of product management and marketing. "We're very pleased to be working with the ABC network in the deployment of this solution across its affiliate stations."

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