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VectorBox Automates Playout For TV2 East Jutland's New Community Channel

Denmark broadcaster puts Vector 3 automation technology at the core of their new community driven channel.

Barcelona, Spain – December 3, 2009 - Vector3™, a pioneer in graphics and playout solutions, announced that TV2 East Jutland, Denmark, has purchased the VectorBox solution to manage the playout automation at Channel East Jutland.

TV2 East Jutland is one among 8 regional TV-stations referring to TV2 Denmark. In addition to supplying TV2 Denmark with live regional news programs, TV2 East Jutland is running the NEW community channel, called Channel East Jutland. A community channel where local public TV-stations, selected by the Danish Radio- and TV-committee, are authorized to create and air programs.

Launched in November 2009, Channel East Jutland is utilizing the VectorBox to manage the storage and broadcast of programs.

"Our new DVB-T Community Channel was going on-air the 1st of November and we had a very short time frame to acquire a solution to automate the broadcast of our programs. We quickly narrowed it down to two systems that could do the job and our choice fell on VectorBox," said Jesper Brandenborg, CFO, TV2 East Jutland. "We chose VectorBox because the system ensured the safe handling of video material in broadcast quality and the transmission of our programs in broadcast quality as well. A crucial element was that VectorBox came as an all-in-one box that included a graphics solution implemented to deal with a very large part of our graphics needed for news. Our demand to acquire a very stable and highly reliable system was crucial and VectorBox, with its multi-channel management, fits perfectly into our existing system and helps us automate a part of our broadcasting on TV 2 as well. I would like to give credit to AVIT-Systems, who managed to deliver and install with such short notice. In less than a month we were on-air with the new channel!"

AVIT-Systems, a premiere system integrator for the Danish broadcast market, lead the design and installation of TV2 East Jutland. Long term Vector 3 business partner Martin Nathan, Product Manager at AVIT-Systems, said of the Vector 3 technology, "We can install the Vector 3 playout solutions with confidence. Their reliability, performance and versatility is well-known and ideal for any broadcast situation, whether they are realizing continuity playout or deploying a more complex multi-channel infrastructure."

About VectorBox

The VectorBox product line offers exceptional standard and high definition playout performance with 24/7 reliability. Known as the all-in-one server, VectorBox products include automation with a built-in video server and CG to offer broadcasters a robust solution that supports multi-channel, multi-format playout. Features like automatic upscaling and downscaling enable engineers and operators to play out in either format from a mixed HD/SD playlist. "We designed the VectorBox system to support a wide range of broadcast environments. The system can be configured to manage varying degrees of complexity for broadcasters of any size…. without sacrificing capabilities," comments Roman Ceano, general manager, Vector 3.

About Vector 3

The Vector 3 team commands over 25 years of experience in developing leading graphics and playout solutions for broadcast. Boasting an impressive client list of over 900 broadcasters worldwide, their legendary flagship solution VectorBox is a world-renowned playout solution known for its unparallel reliability, tremendous scalability and outstanding performance.

Since its launch in the mid 1980's, Vector has focused its research and development on the broadcast industry. Their exceptional real-time graphics and total playout solutions ensure master control room systems work in concert and with maximum flexibility. The result is a perfectly timed playout with stunning image quality and station branding.

The range of Vector solutions and applications serves stations from the small one channel station to the multi-site, multi-channel broadcaster. For more information, please visit

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