Triveni Digital‘s Richard Kaye to Participate in SCTE Live Learning Series

PRINCETON, N.J. -- Oct. 1, 2007 -- Triveni Digital, a subsidiary of LG Electronics (LGE), today announced that Senior Systems Engineer Richard Kaye will be presenting “Troubleshooting Across Multiple Platforms” for the SCTE Live Learning™ series of live, interactive, Web-based seminars. Kaye‘s presentation, scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2007 at 2 p.m. Eastern time, will explore the unique challenges in ensuring delivery of quality DTV audio and video and subsequently address approaches to monitoring and troubleshooting MPEG transport streams.

“The only way to guarantee successful delivery of DTV service is to confirm that the signal leaving the head end complies with MPEG and SCTE standards, and an informed monitoring plan is critical to effective evaluation and maintenance of the transport stream,” said Kaye. “Because today‘s set-top-boxes and televisions often respond differently to the same digital transport stream, they no longer serve as viable monitoring tools. To preserve the integrity of DTV delivery, broadcasters need both a basic understanding of MPEG fundamentals and a thorough plan for evaluating, prioritizing, and solving stream-related problems.”

During his seven-year tenure at Triveni Digital, Kaye has been the lead software quality assurance engineer for the company's StreamScope MPEG analyzer. Earlier, in his role as product support engineer at Triveni Digital, he spent one year in the field, troubleshooting and solving problems on real DTV systems. Prior to joining Triveni Digital, he spent six years as a hardware developer and quality assurance engineer at Nortel Networks in Dallas, Texas.

“Troubleshooting Across Multiple Platforms” will provide an overview of MPEG fundamentals — including MPEG transport, encoding, the role of metadata, and synchronization -- and discuss four common classes of MPEG violations: encoding, transport, timing, and metadata. The presentation then will turn to best practices for monitoring and troubleshooting MPEG video distribution networks, with a tutorial demonstrating how an MPEG analyzer can be used for compliance testing and resolution of issues that threaten to compromise the DTV broadcast.

The SCTE Live Learning session hosted by Kaye will be available to SCTE members for free and to nonmembers for $29 USD. Those interested in participating in the session may register online at the following URL:

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