OAKMONT, PA, June 18, 2007 -- When it came to covering the United States Golf Association‘s 2007 U.S. Open, RF Central, the leading digital microwave technology provider, was the clear choice for camera mounted RF transmitters.

While the golfers struggled in the difficult conditions at Oakmont Country Club, the site of this year‘s open, television broadcasters had no such problems transmitting the live action to a global audience thanks to RF Central‘s RF Extreme line of 2 GHz camera transmitters.

The professionals at Total RF, which designed, built and operated the microwave systems at the U.S. Open, chose RF Central‘s RFX-CMT Central Camera Mount Transmitter (CMT) to transmit high-quality wireless video from storied Oakmont. Total RF employed more than a dozen compact, ultra-reliable CMT‘s, which delivered flawless video of all the action. RF Central‘s RF Extreme products served NBC Television, ESPN, ESPN.com, Japan‘s TV Asahi, Europe‘s B-Sky-TV and others.

“We provide the finest quality wireless infrastructure for broadcast, operated by the most competent people in the business,” says Stephen Gansky, president of Total RF. “In a high-intensity, live event, such as the U.S. Open, there are simply no second chances. RF Central‘s RF Extreme CMT allows directors and producers to bring the viewer right into the middle of the action. The CMT allows total portability in the most demanding of conditions. It is reliable and consistent; it won‘t let you down.”

A team of trained engineers and technicians took to the golf course armed with the CMT‘s, which transmit COFDM digital video in an ultra-low delay mode of just one frame. RF Central‘s RF Extreme transmitters were received across the course at multiple antenna locations, and the signal was then transmitted back to broadcast control by more than 110,000 feet of 12-strand fiber--more than 250 miles of fiber--across the course.

“The CMT‘s are perfect for this kind of application,” comments Keith Blaisdell, RF Central director of engineering. “The broadcaster asked for a small, portable unit with maximum flexibility. With full frequency agility, the availability of variable modulator bandwidth, ASI-in capability, full MPEG menu control and ultra-low delay capability, the CMT is at the front of the class.”

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