Toronto, Ontario, Canada - March 2008 ... Lawo, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of digital audio networking and console systems for production, post production, broadcast, and related applications, is pleased to announce that the company‘s new plug-in integration, using the Lawo Plug-in Server, is now available. Designed as a dedicated environment for VST-type audio processing plug-ins, the server facilitates seamless integration with the company‘s mc² series third generation consoles while providing greater flexibility in the use and routing of processed signals--all while freeing the host recording platform from the system overhead typically associated with numerous plug-in processors.

The Windows OS-based plug-in server accepts all VST-type audio processing plug-ins without any modification whatsoever. Installation appears as though the plug-in is being installed to a standard audio workstation environment. Subsequently, the plug-in server is integrated with the Lawo HD Core processor, with control of the system originating at the console. Once an audio plug-in is installed on the plug-in server, the mc² control system identifies it as a “known plug-in”. Applying a plug-in is as easy as assigning it to an effects slot. Additionally, audio tielines are handled automatically and appear in the system‘s routing representation. All plug-in parameters are available directly from within the console.

Among the system‘s features is the ability to use a single audio plug-in for multiple functions--each with its own parameter settings, FX slot, and independent signal routing settings. The only limitations lie within the capabilities of the plug-in itself. All 64 bi-directional audio tielines are fully automated and administered dynamically by the Lawo Plug-in Host.

With Lawo‘s plug-in integration, all plug-in parameters are accessible directly from within the mc² series console, with all visual feedback occurring on the console‘s large, illuminated central display. This arrangement enables the mixing engineer to remain focused on the mixing environment. The mc² mixing console knows all of the plug-in‘s various parameters and all parameters are stored for later recall along with all other mix data for any given project. This includes the plug-in‘s FX slot assignment.

The benefits of the Lawo plug-in integration are substantial. In addition to complete integration with Lawo‘s mc² series third generation consoles, including snapshot storage and recall, installation of a plug-in follows the identical procedure as if it were being installed to a DAW. Compatible with multiple hardware platforms, the Lawo Plug-in Server supports any well designed plug-in and has been tested and found to be fully operational with plug-ins from leading developers such as Sonnox (Oxford), Waves, Universal Audio and TC Electronic.

Herbert Lemcke, President of Lawo North America, commented on the company‘s new Plug-in Server, “Lawo‘s new plug-in integration represents a dramatic step forward in the use of audio processing plug-ins. Installation is no different than if the plug-in was being installed to a DAW, yet the benefits are significant. The system provides operators of Lawo‘s third generation mc² consoles complete integration into the mixing environment, with all parameters available directly from the console--enabling an engineer to remain focused on the task of mixing. Not only are all plug-in FX parameters stored and able to be recalled along with all other aspects of a mix, the system facilitates use in live settings such as televised events with greater ease and minimal latency issues. I‘m confident users of our mixing consoles will find much to like with our new plug-in integration.”

Lawo‘s new Plug-in Server is now available for use with the Lawo mc²66 (V1.10.1.0) and the mc²90 (V1.2.1.0) production consoles. Those parties interested in additional information or acquiring the system should contact Lawo North America‘s technical support services at (888) 810-4468. Users outside North America should contact their local Lawo representative.

About Lawo

Lawo is a manufacturer of digital audio networking systems and consoles for a wide range of applications from small to large scale audio production in television and radio, post production, and live sound. Established in the 1970s, the company‘s manufacturing center is located in the Rhine valley town of Rastatt, Germany. For additional information on Lawo‘s plug-in integration and all Lawo products, visit the company online at