Video Production Team Saved by Small Tree SLVR Support

When the communications department of Management & Training Corporation (MTC) installed GraniteSTOR ST-RAID, Ethernet-based shared storage technology from Small Tree, they did so in order to streamline workflow for its in-house video production operation. While they were confident the new technology would increase their productivity, little did they know at the time that the decision to go with Small Tree also would help save their department's reputation.

In the midst of an automated minor drive repair, a brown out occurred, which subsequently knocked out two drives. With no way to get the server up and running, MTC had no access to data, which meant they were, "dead in the water," according to Dale Bradshaw, director of communications for MTC. Luckily for MTC, they had signed up for Small Tree's SLVR Support service, a one-year hardware and software uplift on Small Tree switches, cards and shared storage solutions.

"Without access to the data, we were shut down," Bradshaw said. "We were in the middle of time-sensitive projects with no server. On top of that, though we had backed up most of the media on the server, we thought we had forever lost recent footage we had accumulated. We were looking at a lot of lost time, not meeting crucial client deadlines, and kissing some of our work goodbye. We called Small Tree to see if they would be able to assist and through their commitment, diligence, and willingness to go the extra mile, we were able to crack some difficult nuts and fully access the data, off-load it and complete our client projects on time."

Thrilled with Small Tree's ST-RAID and customer support, MTC recently purchased another shared storage system from the company to expand its capabilities by 200%.

For nearly 30 years, MTC has been providing life changing opportunities via its successful job training program through the federal government's Job Corps. Since 1987, MTC has also offered rehabilitative educational opportunities at privatized correctional facilities across the country.

Part of the company's continued growth can be attributed to its proactive marketing efforts, which includes an in-house video production department generating training and marketing tools the company distributes to employees, as well as existing and potential clients.

Each day, MTC helps tens of thousands of Job Corps students and correctional facility inmates to learn new skills. MTC's track record has made it the U.S. Department of Labor's largest contractor and the third largest operator of adult private prisons. MTC's experience and fiscal strength allow it to consistently exceed the expectations of government customers and the public.

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