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Bypassing the middleman with Vimeo

In an age where virtually everyone can be a potential journalist at the scene of a breaking news event, or can be as creative as the most skilled video production professional, understanding how video delivery platforms like Vimeo work and how they can work for you is becoming more and more important. Consumers now have the power to distribute their videos in ways once relegated only to the most wealthy and experienced. And there’s no stopping this quickly emerging trend.

Do you want to sell (or rent) your videos on Vimeo? Want to view and compare other people’s work? Come to 2013 Content and Communications World (CCW) conference in New York City, and hear how it’s done. At a special technology session on November 14, entitled “Tips for Sharing and Selling Your Work on Vimeo.” The session, features Sam Morrill, Senior Curator, Vimeo and Matt Schwarz, Senior Manager of Content + Community, Vimeo, will include tips for how to prepare (encode) your video before uploading it, how to market it, and exactly what types of video subjects are most likely to get attention (and revenue).

Vimeo offers a service called Vimeo Pro that—for $199 per year—allows anyone to upload full high definition (up to 1080p) video using an account that includes 50GB of storage, 250K plays (additional space can be added) and advance analytics of how your video is performing online. Videos are then sold to the worldwide general public using Vimeo’s On Demand service.

Vimeo On Demand is designed primarily to help creators sell films and episodic series. It allows users to sell videos individually, or in a series.

This session takes place on Thursday, November 14, from 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM and is open to all attendees.