U.K.: BSkyB Streams Inaugural Online in ‘HD’

January 28, 2009
It’s only been barely a week since Inauguration Day in America, but HD visions of the historic occasion live on—including online at the BSkyB Web site, and in HD, on less. (Well, maybe near-HD, as image quality appeared close to 720p quality on two different computers.)

According to Sky’s official blogger (quoting from a BBC blog), “HD may have five times the definition of SD, [yet] at events like [inauguration], this it conveys 25 times the emotion.”

The Sky blog noted, “There are plenty of people who say [online images] are not High Definition streaming. Fair enough. All I can say is that on my computer, at work and at home, the pictures are fantastic and really improve the viewing experience. So although this sort of coverage can be technically demanding, and expensive, we are already looking out for other possibilities to bring you on your TV and computer. Watch this HD space.”

We’ll be sure to check it out next time…. on Jan. 20, 2013.

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