Second Baptist Church Gets Ikegami HD Cameras

August 10, 2007
Ikegami reported that Houston’s Second Baptist Church uses 10 Ikegami HDK-79EXII portable cameras and three HDK-790EXII studio systems to telecast taped and live weekend services in wide-format IMAG (image magnification) to an estimated 45,000 worshippers at five locations.

“We’re in the business of changing lives, and we’re prepared to do whatever we can technology-wise to make that happen,” said Keith Brown, Second Baptist’s director of Broadcast Ministries. “Since we switched to Ikegami HD cameras, people are just blown away—the clarity is simply unreal.”

Brown was particularly impressed by the low-light sensitivity of these cameras and their ability to move around to get “those great ‘hero’ shots,” he said.

The HDK-79EXII HD uses the same sensor block with identical video path as the HDK-790EXII studio camera. Both incorporate 2/3-inch 2.2-megapixel FIT HD CCD sensors as well as 14-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital-processing circuits. The HDK-79EXII and HDK-790EXII also feature advanced DTL correction for richer reproduction of details in skin tone and dark backgrounds. A Super Knee system lets users make corrections without changing highlighted parts of the picture and produce natural color reproduction under high luminance conditions.

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