Kenwood Develops MPH-Based In-Car Video Devices

December 14, 2007
Harris Broadcast Communications and LG Electronics have been touting their MPH (mobile-portable-handheld) DTV system, and now they have a receiver.

Kenwood USA Corp. has created prototype terrestrial DTV receivers based on MPH, and the companies say they’re designed for viewers “on the go, particularly those in fast-moving vehicles.”

The devices will get their first public demonstration at the 2008 International CES in January in Las Vegas.

Harris and LG proposed the MPH standard in February, demonstrated the technology at NAB2007 in April and pitched it to low-power broadcasters at the Community Broadcasters Association convention in October.

“At Kenwood, we have been watching the emerging market for mobile terrestrial DTV with great interest,” said Shoichiro Eguchi, president of Kenwood USA, the largest subsidiary of Japan-based Kenwood Corp. “With technologies like MPH paving the way, the in-car DTV market will be enormous. We are pleased to work with Harris, LG and Zenith on this breakthrough technology.”

LG Electronics President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. H.G. Lee said, “MPH field tests show that ATSC-compatible mobile DTV works well. The next phase is to measure consumer interest. That’s where various manufacturers will play a crucial role, and Kenwood’s contributions to this effort are noteworthy.”

“Kenwood’s technological prowess and market strength in mobile electronics lend further credibility to the MPH system,” said Tim Thorsteinson, president of Harris Broadcast Communications. “We look forward to jointly demonstrating mobile DTV on Kenwood MPH receivers.”

MPH is one of 10 proposed mobile TV systems being considered for standardization by the ATSC, which hopes to finalize a standard in 2008.

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