FCC Grants UltraVision UWB License in UHF TV Spectrum

February 23, 2007
An earlier edition of RF Report described a request by UltraVision Security Systems for approval of its security system, which uses ultra-wideband emissions on frequencies that include UHF TV channels. As previously reported, the emissions from the UltraVision system were below those allowed as spurious emissions for UWB equipment operating on other frequencies, but were not allowed under current FCC rules as intentional emissions. In its list of Experimental Actions listing applications granted between 12/1/2006 and 1/1/2007, the FCC shows experimental license WD2XYH was granted to UltraVision Security Systems to use 216-700 MHz for testing an ultra-wideband system in Salem, N.H. The only other grant in the list that's likely to be of interest to readers is WE2XAG, made to the Boeing Co., to operate in the 10950-12750 MHz and 14000-14500 MHz bands to test two GlobeTrekker 2 terminals in the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories.

For the complete list, see the FCC's Experimental Actions listing applications granted between 12/1/2006 and 1/1/2007.

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