EDN Writer Tries Off-Air DTV Reception

August 1, 2008
I know many RF Report readers enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations of receiving over-the-air DTV. They should enjoy Thin-Air ATSC (and NTSC): Encouraging (Albeit Erratic) Early Results by Electronic Design News (EDN) Senior Technical Editor Brian Dipert. Dipert tried a ClearStream 1 and a ClearStream 2 antenna from AntennasDirect.

As expected from EDN, Dipert’s report has quite a bit of technical information, including a description and picture of his house, predicted reception from Antennaweb and information on the paths to the two major transmitter sites in Reno.

In the blog he reports on what stations he could receive and the quality of the signals. This looks like it will be an ongoing series, with tests of an ATSC set-top box and USB ATSC tuner as well as other enhancements.

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