CNBC Brightens New London Studios with Litepanels

July 27, 2011

VAN NUYS, Calif.: CNBC recently began broadcasting from their new European studios in London, a completely redesigned facility including LED lighting from Litepanels.

The installation included 88 1x1 LED production lights and numerous 5600°K and Bi-Color 1x1 flood panels. The 5600°K panels reportedly provide a bright and balanced light, allowing studio cameras to capture flattering images of the studio floor from every angle. The Bi-Color panels provide a soft light on the network’s anchors when sitting at the anchor desk.

"We have created a state-of-the-art environment totally geared to enabling our journalists to tell compel-ling stories about business and the global economy in real-time,” said Lloyd Stacey, supervising studio director for EMEA, in a press release. “As part of the redevelopment, we decided to equip the studio with a new lighting system."

Additionally, use of Litepanels’ LEDs have reduced the studio’s energy consumption for lighting by 89 percent.

Litepanels is part of the Vitec Group.

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