BlackMagic Releases New Downconverter and DVCPro HD Support

October 15, 2004
BlackMagic Design recently released DeckLink for Mac 4.5 software.

This software update from BlackMagic--based in Victoria, Australia--provides real-time HD downconversion to SD on all Decklink models and DVCPro HD support on all Decklink HD models.

The original DeckLink card is compatible with this upgrade, able to play back uncompressed HD files and downconvert them to SD while retaining 10-bit video bit depth.

Support for DVCPro HD gives users compressed video-capture and playback for online mastering and the DVCPro HD codec is bundled with Final Cut Pro HD.

With FireWire, users can master a supported Panasonic DVCPro HD broadcast deck--the file format is DVCPro HD DV100 format. Users can edit on a single ATA or FireWire disk.

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