APTN Uses ScheduALL to Simplify Content Delivery for World Cup

July 7, 2006
Associated Press Television News has been using ScheduALL's end-to-end operations management software during the 2006 FIFA World Cup to centralize and streamline resources for booking newsgathering and client broadcast operations, including Sports News TV (SNTV), a partnership between the AP and TWI, an independent producer and distributor of sports programming.

ScheduALL is a complete operations management solution designed to meet the scheduling and business needs of broadcast, post-production and production industries. The system enables AP Television News to deliver news coverage of the tournament--including multiple live positions, tape playout, and worldwide distribution--using a single, unified resource management system. APTN has been using ScheduALL software since July 2002.

At the 2006 FIFA World Cup, APTN is taking advantage of its existing ScheduALL software to ensure that its newsgathering resources are made available to broadcasters and other media groups around the world as smoothly as possible. Rates and other information related to their clients' services are already entered into AP's ScheduALL software, therefore the company can use the system as a single resource for bookings over the course of the tournament. As a result, staff can manage key processes without the need for constant communication or updating of independent solutions.

"When we place a booking with ScheduALL, we know which resources are available, can project the costs ahead of time, and can complete the work order accurately in a fraction of the time once required for the same process," said Daniel Lynch, head of Communications Technology and Strategy at the Associated Press. "We've worked extensively with ScheduALL in developing our system so our clients receive quick and timely service when they need it. We look forward to future developments in partnership with the company."

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