The RTNDA Commends The NFL’s Decision To Broaden Local TV Sideline Coverage

April 9, 2007
With the 2007 NFL draft happening later this month, football is on the minds of many local broadcasters. After the NFL recently lifted the ban on local TV crews from the sideline, the RTNDA has expressed their approval.

In 2006, the league instituted a rule barring local television camera crews from the sidelines during games. The RTNDA argued that rule discriminated against journalists and blocked the media’s right to disseminate public information.

At recent league meetings, team owners agreed to change the rule. Ten video crews—five from the local market of each team—are now allowed to cover games from the sidelines. The NFL expects the stations to pool their coverage. The RTNDA praised the change, saying that it will provide fans with improved game coverage.

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