Meredith Stations Upgrade PESA Routing Systems

October 25, 2004
Melville, NY--Meredith Broadcasting stations KPTV and KPDX have upgraded their combined PESA routing systems to accommodate consolidated master control operations for both FOX 12 Oregon and UPN 49. The PESA equipment originally installed for KPDX during a new studio build in 2000 has been expanded to facilitate production and playout for the added station, purchased by Meredith in 2002.
"We knew in 2000 when we built the system that we would need to expand at some point, but what we didn't know was that in two years the Meredith Corporation would purchase KPTV here in Portland and make us a duopoly," said Ed Williams, director of engineering for FOX 12 Oregon and UPN 49. "We pulled the entire KPTV television station, newsroom and all, into this one building, and in operating both stations out of one facility, we filled up our router very quickly. Through a simple upgrade to the PESA systems we purchased in 2000, we gained the space we needed to establish a flexible production environment for KPDX and KPTV."
PESA Switching Systems

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