Is The Reality of Reality Shows is in the Writing?

July 1, 2005
The Writers Guild of America, West says that more than 75 percent of the writers on TV reality shows have signed cards asking to be represented by the union. That's about 1,000 reality-TV writers, producers and editors out of an estimated 1,300 that have requested to join the union. since May 7

Writers who work on prime-time, scripted shows receive a guaranteed 13-week pay of $3,477 a week, plus pension, health and residual payments. By contrast, those who work in reality shows typically earn from $700 to $1,200 a week. Unlike other writers, they typically do not receive pension, health insurance or residuals, and they usually work for two to three months per job, according to the guild.

Of course is looking at hours upon hours of videotape to create a storyline really writing? We'll soon find out as this issue comes to a head.

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