AFI eTV Workshop Ready to Begin 2002 Season

February 28, 2002
The American Film Institute has launched its 2002 AFI Enhanced TV (eTV) Workshop and production season to help develop interactive programming. The production season runs July-December.

The workshop joins television producers with design and technology innovators to develop working iTV programs. The workshop is a production-based program, with veteran TV producers and professional mentors. The mentors are drawn from more than 100 companies and include pioneers in iTV design, strategy, engineering and deployment. The resulting programs should stimulate iTV initiatives within participating companies and networks and increase awareness within the greater television and technology communities.

This year's lineup of sponsors include The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Microsoft TV and Windows Digital Media Division, OpenTV, Liberate Technologies, AT&T Digital Media Centers and Interland Corp. Participants must be TV professionals with programs on air or slated for distribution for the 2002/2003 season. More information is available at

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