NBC, VERSUS Tap LiberoVision for Stanley Cup Analysis Graphics

June 14, 2011

NEW YORK: NBC Sports and VERSUS are using sports analysis graphics technology from Zurich, Switzerland-based LiberoVision to provide realistic 3D graphics to analyze replays during the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup finals between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks.

LiberoVision, which was acquired by Vizrt earlier this year, is now fully part of the Vizrt workflow and supports seven different sports, including soccer, American football and ice hockey. The company’s Libero Highlight one-box solution allows broadcasters to produce realistic 3D replays without the need for additional infrastructure.

“Based on nothing more than your existing TV images, Libero Highlight instantly grabs the viewer’s attention and lifts sports analysis to a whole new level,” says Julia Vogel, Sales and Marketing Director at LiberoVision. “LiberoVision’s patented image processing technology instantly transforms the camera feeds into realistic 3D representations that allow viewers to essentially fly over the playing field to review key moments in the action from the best possible perspectives.”

In the US, NBC Sports and VERSUS, both members of the NBC Sports Group, are using Libero Highlight for 3D replay analysis during the best-of-seven games final. In Canada, The Sports Network (TSN) is using Libero Highlight’s interface to visualize tactical aspects of the game. TSN is Canada’s leading, English-language sports TV channel.

"LiberoVision is a great tool that better allows us to tell the story of the event,” says Sam Flood, Executive Producer, NBC Sports and VERSUS. “It provides a unique, tactical perspective that helps us take the audience inside the glass and gives them the best seat in the house.”

VERSUS has been using Libero Highlight for live, on-air replay analysis of its games since the 2010 NHL playoffs. Before this year’s Stanley Cup Final, NBC featured Libero Highlight during its 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games hockey coverage and for the 2010 NHL playoffs. TSN are primarily using Libero Highlight for post-game analysis and various shows tied to the Stanley Cup Final.

“LiberoVision’s realistic 3D support for analyzing key moments of the game, changing from one camera to another while always keeping the essential players clearly visible, is a great example of how broadcasters can now highlight game-changing decisions better than ever before,” says Paul Graham, VP and Executive Producer, TSN.

Libero Highlight software has been used at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, other high-profile soccer events, for NFL and NCAA football, Major League Baseball, NHL hockey games, as well as NBA and NCAA basketball coverage.

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