Veset to Feature Nimbus Cloud Playout at IBC 2014

At IBC 2014, Veset, a pioneering broadcast technology provider, will feature Veset Nimbus Cloud Playout, a new, linear broadcast software-based solution optimised from the ground up to take full advantage of cloud-based resources.

Veset Nimbus Cloud Playout is a professional broadcast grade playout solution that incorporates key industry standards and workflow processes. Whilst enabling users to take full advantage of the efficiency and flexibility of cloud technologies, its architecture is platform-agnostic. Leveraging its software-based architecture, Nimbus can be deployed on a broad range of public and private clouds, ranging from Amazon Web Services’ ‘Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud’ (Amazon EC2), a hugely scalable and resilient web service for cloud-based products and applications, to locally installed servers.

Veset Chief Executive Officer Gatis Gailis said, “Veset Cloud Playout was created from the start to enable broadcasters to get high-quality channels to air quickly, more efficiently and with substantial reductions in up-front investment and ongoing operating costs when compared to competitive offerings.”

Veset Nimbus Cloud Playout provides everything needed to create a linear channel, including full functionality, from content ingest to delivery of a UDP feed to headend, cable or CDN. The use of cloud technology ensures that data is automatically backed-up and safeguarded against loss due to hardware failure. Individual playout requirements are fulfilled in a virtual cluster, and are therefore further protected from planned - or unplanned - downtime.

Veset Chief Commercial Officer Fraser Jardine added, “The broadcast industry is making cautious, but unmistakable, steps toward the use of cloud resources. We, however, fully understand both the cloud and broadcast and have already produced a fully formed playout solution that establishes a new benchmark for next generation broadcast workflows.”

Veset provides a comprehensive solution, but its core components, especially playout, can be easily integrated with existing systems and processes if desired, including:

Nimbus Ingest – Content is easily ingested through a web-based ingest agent where relevant metadata is added, quality is automatically QC’d and then uploaded to a MAM module quickly and securely.

Nimbus MAM – All mezzanine content is stored in the Amazon S3 storage cloud. Here the media is managed in terms of conversion, sub-clip creation, audio loudness normalisation compliant with relevant standards, and much more.

Nimbus Schedule - Schedules and sub-schedules are planned and added, secondary playlist elements added, graphics edited and time-delays inserted time-delays inserted.

Nimbus Playout – Hosted in Amazon EC2 by default, playout can also be hosted in any other private or public cloud if desired. Real-time video and audio filtering can be used, even for upscaling to HD, with impressive visual results.

Jardine concludes, “Veset Nimbus Cloud Playout’s pay-as-you-go model is competitively priced, and supremely easy to implement, operate and scale. Those attributes alone are a compelling range of benefits for any broadcast facility.”

Veset products and services will be fully demonstrated at IBC, Amsterdam, 12-16 September, Stand 8.A14.