TV Tech's NextGen TV Ebook Is Now Available

NextGen TV
(Image credit: Future)

This year will mark five years since the FCC adopted ATSC 3.0. The transition to NextGen TV has been slow, but steady. Broadcasters from all major station groups have deployed the standard and now more than half the nation’s viewers are within reach of an ATSC 3.0 signal. TV set manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Sony and now Hisense are marketing (and have sold) millions of ATSC 3.0-enabled sets. The business case for NextGen TV has also evolved over the past five years to the point where datacasting for enterprise and public entities is now considered key to the success of ATSC 3.0.

From the beginning, TV Tech has been documenting the development and deployment of ATSC 3.0. In this latest ebook, we offer you a progress report on where the industry stands in June 2022, and bring you a comprehensive look at the potential for the standard and how various industries—both within and outside of the broadcast sector—are harnessing that potential.

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