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Pulse Check on AI Adoption

(Image credit: Veritone)

Television is changing. As technology advances, many TV organizations are looking to work smarter, set themselves apart and generate new revenue streams. Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a way to do all three — but are organizations fully taking advantage of it?

Veritone partnered with Future Media & Entertainment Group to uncover television industry perceptions and experiences around AI. At a time when organizations are finding new ways to work and searching for efficiencies, we set out to gauge the role AI plays in this process. This report examines various aspects of the TV industry’s adoption of artificial intelligence, including:

  • How many organizations currently use AI
  • Factors promoting and hindering the growth of AI
  • Results of AI, including comparisons by company size
  • Implementation successes and challenges

Access the report to get a complete overview on where AI stands among TV organizations, along with a breakdown of key findings and insights on the technology’s path forward.

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