NY Station Completes Repack Early With T-Mobile Assistance

NEW YORK—CBS Television Stations and T-Mobile completed the repack of WLNY-TV on Long Island and the surrounding area extending into Brooklyn and Queens in early July –more than one year before the August 2019 deadline assigned by the FCC, the companies jointly announced this week.

Clearing WLNY from its 600 MHz spectrum early will enable a more rapid enhancement of T-Mobile’s coverage and capacity in New York City with equipment that supports LTE and is 5G-ready. The company plans to light up 600 MHz LTE service there in early 2019, it said.

“We are happy to report the move of WLNY 10/55 to its new frequency was seamless,” said Peter Dunn, president, CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corp. “It was a pleasure to partner with our friends at T-Mobile and be ahead of the curve in terms of serving our viewers.”

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The early repack of WLNY is the latest accelerated 600 MHz clearing T-Mobile has spearheaded. Others include Fox Television Stations’ WWOR-TV in New York City, and KXAS-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth. Both were relocated at least a year before their FCC repack deadline. T-Mobile has also committed to helping public TV broadcasters by covering the cost of relocating their low-power facilities in rural America.

“The T-Mobile team is deploying 600 MHz LTE across the country at record pace, and we’re laying the foundation for 5G in NYC by deploying 600 MHz with 5G-ready gear,” said T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray.

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Phil Kurz

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