Zaxcom introduces new ZFR100 broadcast-quality recorder

Zaxcom has introduced the ZFR100, a broadcast-quality audio recorder that accepts up to 12 hours of audio directly to a 2GB flash memory card. The ultra-compact ZFR100 is equally well suited for use in a sound bag as a backup recorder or as a transcription recorder. To simplify audio syncing and processing during post-production, the unit includes a full-featured time code reader/generator that stamps the time code directly onto WAV or MP3 files.

One of the ZFR100's unique abilities is that it can receive time code through an RF link directly from a video camera. This optional feature allows the unit to record only when the camera is rolling, thus maintaining perfect time code synchronization with the recorded video. The time code generator accuracy is within one frame for every 12 hours due to the ZFR100's temperature-compensated crystal oscillator.

The time code transmission feature is also designed to be fault tolerant. When jammed, the ZFR100 automatically identifies the incoming code and sets itself for the same rate and code type. As soon as a correct rolling time code is received, the recorder will jam and only then enter the record mode. When a stopped time code is verified, the recorder will return back to the stop mode, ensuring time code sync throughout production.

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