WSDG partners with QTV

Call them conferences, but a trade show is a trade show. Aside from having the opportunity to catch up with old friends, these event become tiresome over time, right? When Marc Viadiu was asked to attend the Broadcast & Film Africa 2012 Conference in Kenya by his superiors at the Walters-Storyk Design Group he wasn’t anticipating landing a major contract ... but that’s exactly what happened.

Viadiu met Xavier Massard in Kenya, the Audio Chief of Qatar Television’s Support & Development Committee. QTV was getting ready to open a new TV production complex and wanted to be sure that the acoustical design was first class. One point of conversation led to another, as they tend to do at trade shows, and as a result, QTV awarded WSDG a contract to treat the studios. Given only two months to complete their work, WSDG’s effort met with success. As a result, QTV has awarded WSDG a new assignment: treating the television station’s new audio post suite.