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WLS-TV adds IP newsgathering capability to augment traditional ENG

WLS-TV, the ABC O&O in Chicago, has purchased multiple Dejero LIVE Platform systems with mobile 4G wireless capability to be used as a first-response video solution for newsgathering from the field.

The Dejero LIVE Platform transmits live SD/HD video files remotely across 4G, 3G, WiFi and Ethernet networks. The platform also integrates store-and-forward capabilities that upload clips, photos and files.

“WLS-TV is the dominant news organization in Chicago, and our viewers trust us to bring them breaking news first,” explained Kal Hassan, VP and director of engineering of WLS-TV. “We chose the Dejero LIVE Platform as an added asset for our newsgathering tool box. Our crews can go live quickly with streaming video if cellular, WiFi or Ethernet networks are available.

“Additionally, news packages can be sent to the station using the integrated non-real-time store and forward capabilities. Although not a panacea for all situations, it enhances our newsgathering capabilities.”

The Dejero LIVE Platform consists of three components: the Dejero LIVE Mobile Transmitter, a portable hand held HD/SD transmitter that connects to a camera and goes live with the push of a button; the Dejero LIVE Video Manager, which connects transmitters to video receiving servers; and the Dejero LIVE Video Server, the receiving unit.