WISC-TV moves to multichannel playout with Omneon SPECTRUM

The CBS is installing the media server system into a new consolidated network operations center
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CBS affiliate WISC-TV is installing an Omneon SPECTRUM media server system into a new consolidated network operations center that handles centralized playout of WISC-TV Channel 3, digital channel WISC-DT, and UPN local network affiliate UPN14.

The server system will operate as the central program and commercial server for consolidated playout from the Madison, WI., station. The new operations center, designed and installed in house, represents not only a shift to server-based operations for the station, but also a move to streamlined multichannel playout.

WISC-TV will cut over to server-based operations in its new tech core during the first quarter of 2005. The SPECTRUM will run in conjunction with Sundance Digital's Titan automation system, and also with an Intellisat package that will allow for recording of syndicated programs from the satellite to the server. A Telestream system will facilitate ingest of program, spot content, and metadata from a variety of sources. Systems integrator Roscor assisted the WISC staff in the design of these three systems.

The server system at the station, which currently provides 4.28TB of storage, delivers flexibility in playout to enable operations such as program shifting for smooth insertion of newsbreaks. It also provides a reliable and versatile foundation for increased sharing of media assets throughout production and across the facility's sales, marketing and promotions departments.

The modular design of the server system offers WISC-TV room for playout of up to five or more streams through the simple expansion of the system's inputs and outputs. The distributed architecture of the server system gives station engineers the ability to scale system components and capacity in small or large increments as desired.

For more information, visit www.omneon.com.

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