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vsn installs systems in India, Siberia, Egypt and London

JustEdit has been chosen to install a complete turnkey master control room system for an English sales channel, Treasures TV, at the Arqiva transmission center close to London.

The system features programmed line feed ingest; master control room playout with backup; the new titler vsncg+ with video resizing capability; multi-layer in realtime; a network editing system; and legal copier vsnlegalrec. Treasures TV also chose JustEdit to control and monitor remotely the preview signal from its corporate headquarters. JustEdit have also announced its first contract for a complete digital news system, asset management and master control room in New Dehli at Sudarshan TV.

ORTV in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, has a installed a digital news system, vsnnews, and a master control room operating on vsnmatic. The system, installed by Russian systems integrator D&K, uses vsn software with Canopus Edius NX realtime editing stations.

Media City in Cairo is the first site in Egypt to hold a vsn master control room system, now on air for Alshababiya TV.

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