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VRT deploys tapeless system with Omneon Spectrum

Belgian broadcaster VRT has deployed Omneon Spectrum media servers as the backbone of a new tapeless workflow, providing a common platform for the company's television, radio and Web productions. Replacing its tape-based system, VRT's new configuration includes 11 Spectrum servers delivering 51 channels for the Brussels-based public broadcaster's news and post-production operations.

VRT's system handles simultaneous live ingest to the Omneon servers and to Avid ISIS, while tapes are ingested directly to the Spectrum servers. Craft editors can edit and send the result to the central system or directly to the Omneon playout servers. Users can edit on the proxy copies, conform a high-resolution file and send it directly to the Omneon playout servers or to the editing systems for craft editing. VRT's news automation system detects the incoming files on the server, provides status feedback and controls the Spectrum servers for playout to air. Some Omneon channels are also used for teletext subtitling. For post production, the Omneon Spectrums are used to ingest tapes to the central storage/archive before post-production editing on Avid. The servers are also used to transfer restored material from the archive to tape.

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