Troll Systems introduces real-time spectrum monitor for 800MHz

Troll Systems has introduced the SpecTroll Viewer, a real-time 800MHz spectrum monitor.

Available as an option for the S750, the SpecTroll Viewer provides ENG operators an intuitive way to align remote site RF antennas to maximize antenna gain and provide the best possible digital signal.

The SpecTroll Viewer provides raw spectrum data at 800MHz (pre-IF filtering and AGC), fully integrated into the TouchStar Master Controller. Displayed in real-time over existing communications links, the SpecTroll Viewer requires no communications upgrades or additional phone lines.

The SpecTroll Viewer can display the complete channel plan up to 80MHz of bandwidth at one time. Operators can also adjust the span to isolate individual channels. The viewer enables users to identify and adjust for common types of interference, such as spectral re-growth, multi-path and co-channel interference. It also makes it easy to identify signal distortions that typically occur when ENG operators overdrive an RF signal.

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