Thirteen WNET turns to Redline broadband wireless solution for backhaul applications

Redline's AN-50 satellite equipment

Thirteen WNET has successfully piloted a video feed over broadband wireless between the city's Chelsea Piers location and its main production facilities in downtown Manhattan, New York City.

The pilot usage was designed to explore the feasibility of broadband wireless for two-way broadcast applications between remote sites and production studios.

The station has taken the lead in exploring the potential of broadband wireless for broadcast applications. In early 2003, the station deployed its first Redline AN-50 equipment for backhaul services to connect its offices at the Empire State Building with a production studio less than a mile away.

It is now exploring the use of broadband wireless to facilitate distance learning for public schools in the region. Plans are also underway to create a 23-mile link between the office and its sister studio in Long Island which is expected to be completed later this year.

According to the station, it costs an average of $1500 per day to hire an ENG vehicle with a mast. The station said using the Redline equipment for backhaul easily pays for itself within 10 events.

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