Ten 21 Studios chooses Liquid Channel

England's Ten 21 Studios prides itself on meeting client needs, so the flexibility of the Focusrite Liquid Channel is a natural choice for expanding the capabilities of its input channels. Located in the heart of Kent, Ten 21 Studios was set up by Sean Kenny, whose wide-ranging experience as a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist provided a player’s perspective, along with the key abilities to properly set up and tune instruments. Already frequented by producer Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy, Marillion) and writer-producer Tony Fennell, Sean Kenny knew that flexibility in Ten 21’s vocal front end would help ensure a steady stream of clients.

Kenny’s experience in the industry has set him up well to run the studio. He was originally a drummer and then turned to guitar and vocals and has played more than 2000 gigs around the country.

An advantage of the Focusrite Liquid Channel is the unit’s ability to emulate the sonic characteristics of a wide variety of classic and vintage analog signal processors (most notably mic preamps and compressors). The advantage that Kenny found is that the unit goes beyond modeling software, actually emulating the input impedance and signal path of the target unit, with full digital recall of the settings.

For more information, visit www.focusrite.com/productdetails.asp?id=37&iRange=1.

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