Tamberelli Digital acquires Fujinon HD lenses

Among the lenses the New York City-based rental house purchased was the HA18x7.6BERM wide-angle, ENG/EFP zoom lens

The Fujinon HA18x7.6BERM has a 137mm focal length and a wide angle of 64.5 degrees at 7.6mm.

New York City rental house Tamberelli Digital recently acquired quantities of Fujinon high definition lenses, including the Fujinon HA13x4.5BERM wide-angle, ENG-style lenses; HA22x7.8BERM telephoto lenses; and HA18x7.6BERM wide-angle, ENG/EFP zoom lenses.

The HA13x4.5BERM is a 2/3in format wide-angle lens — 4.5mm with a 93.6-degree horizontal field of view. It also comes with extender manual focus servo zoom.

The HA22x7.8BERM is a telephoto lens with a 2x extender, improved F-number (F1.8) — maximum relative aperture of F1.8 (from 7.8-122mm) and reduced Minimum Object Distance (0.8m).

The HA18x7.6BERM has a 137mm (274mm with a 2X extender) focal length and a wide angle of 64.5 degrees at 7.6mm. The HD ENG/EFP zoom lens is well-suited for high definition news and remote video production and designed to complement 2/3in high definition video cameras.

For more information, visit www.fujinon.com and www.tamberelli.com.

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