Symetrix offers hands-on NAMM demos

The AirTools 6200 voice processor will be featured in a podcast demo kiosk at the Symetrix NAMM booth.
The podcasting applications of the AirTools 6200 will be demonstrated at the Symetrix booth during the NAMM show.

The upcoming Winter NAMM show will include a hands-on demonstration of the dual-channel AirTools 6200 Digital Voice Processor and its analog progenitor, the Symetrix 528E. Both will be offered for testing at a podcasting simulation kiosk. Each unit contains a microphone preamp, a de-esser, a compressor and a downward expander, equalizers and voice symmetry.

Modular by design, the processors within these units can be placed in any order to suit particular applications. In addition, the AirTools 6200 offers automatic gain control (AGC), instant recall of 256 saved programs, dual mono or stereo configuration and an easy-to-use computer software interface for network access and fast, transparent program creation or tweaks.

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