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Soundwave Research announces Roswellite ribbon mic breakthrough

American ribbon microphone manufacturer Crowley and Tripp has announced that it will be introducing a new type of ribbon microphone that uses proprietary Roswellite advanced material as the ribbon element.

Roswellite is described as an advanced carbon nanotube material able to withstand extreme voltages that would destroy the aluminum ribbons used in standard ribbon mic designs, thus eliminating the fear of destroying the diaphragm with plosives. It was developed at Soundwave Search and patented by Crowley and Tripp, which has additional U.S., European and Asian patents pending that will cover both proprietary Supermatter and Roswellite advanced materials. Crowley and Tripp, along with Soundwave Research Laboratories, will be commercializing certain products containing the technology later this year, and will also offer technology licenses and supply agreements to qualified manufacturers.

The new nanotechnology-based materials are said to exhibit properties not possible with conventional composites and alloys. Roswellite is a unique acoustic nanomaterial that has numerous applications in medical ultrasound and audio recording equipment, such as hand-built ribbon microphones, which the company currently manufactures in its Ashland, MA, laboratory.

Additional details regarding the Roswellite-based microphone will be revealed at the upcoming AES convention in New York, Oct. 5-8.

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