Soundelux revamps the U99S microphone

Soundelux is introducing the U99S, a switchable version of the award-winning U99 microphone. Designed by David Bock, the U99S combines the performance of two high-grade tube condenser microphones in a single unit, giving users the choice of selecting "Normal" or "Brite" sonic signatures at a flick of the switch. This new feature makes the Soundelux U99S a truly modern-day version of the classic microphones from the 1960s.

Unlike recent modifications made to many vintage microphones that remove the low pass filter circuit in order to achieve a more open high-end sound, the U99S delivers that performance characteristic by simply switching to the "Brite" mode. In "Normal" mode, a high-frequency rolloff that replicates the performance of the original vintage U99 is introduced.

The U99S employs the P99 true linear power supply, derived almost entirely from the original vintage technology. In addition, the unit features a German handmade, 1in diameter dual-symmetrical backplate and a dual-membrane kk67-type capsule tensioned for warmth and clarity while avoiding the 5KHz rise, common to some vintage microphones, to produce a less peaky, mid-range response.

Thanks to its high gain, flat mids and a controlled and less dominant proximity effect, the U99S shines in a wide variety of applications, from vocals and acoustic instruments to percussion. It brings sparkle, depth and intimacy to drum kits without the mid-range boxiness typical of small diaphragms. The excellent polar response also enables it to capture a room or ambient environment.

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