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Sound Lounge delivers disappearing mix

New York’s Sound Lounge is providing audio postproduction for award-winning indie filmmaker Jay Craven’s new picture, "Disappearances". The film, an epic about bootleggers in 1930's Vermont, is being edited by Dave Elinwood, with mixdown, ADR and Foley provided by Tony Volante.

Shot on location in northern Vermont, the movie is based on the work of novelist Howard Frank Mosher and stars Kris Kristofferson and Genevieve Bujold. Volante, who mixed the movie on the studio’s Digidesign ICON, reports that, unlike many films set in urban areas, the period piece features an abundance of natural sound, and that its quiet settings called for extensive time spent extracting such modern sounds as generators and other equipment from the location tracks.

Sound Lounge is reportedly building a mixing suite to meet the needs of its new long-form division, which will accommodate mixing, editing, ADR, voice-over and other audio tasks in a single space. The new room will feature integrated Foley pits in front of the screen to facilitate creating effects as needed during editing and mixdown.

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