Sorenson launches Squeeze Server 2.0

Sorenson Media announced the immediate availability of Sorenson Squeeze Server 2.0, a new version of the company’s high-volume enterprise-grade video transcoding and encoding system. The new application, built on the Sorenson Squeeze encoding engine, significantly improves performance while streamlining encoding and transcoding tasks.

Squeeze Server 2.0 includes full optimization for all four leading adaptive bit rate streaming protocols, including the newly added MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH); Adobe Flash Dynamic Streaming (FDS); Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS); and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Squeeze Server automatically transcodes individual video files into chunked segments categorized by bit rate, organizes the segments into folders and delivers them to every specified destination for playback.

Core benefits of Squeeze Server 2.0 include:

• Unprecedented speed. Major enhancements to the application’s core encoding algorithm maximize all available server CPUs for each encode.

• A completely redesigned user interface that enables easy management, updating and status indicators for all encoding, including remote control of the server(s) from a browser or iOS device.

• A refined API – REST-based and easy to code against.

• The broadest variety of input and output options for multiscreen video preparation with optimized encoding presets.

• Easy-to-use installation configurations, so the application is ready for encoding within moments, with zero-configuration queues and intelligent presets.

• Dedicated, Gold-Tier maintenance with highly trained video experts via telephone, e-mail or live chat, as well as ongoing updates and upgrades as they come available.

Squeeze Server 2.0, which runs on Windows Server 2008 R2 and later versions, is uniquely optimized for hybrid cloud/on-premise environments. It runs equally well in any public or private cloud, and can save enterprise users significant expense through the easy application of provisioning strategies. Each version of Squeeze Server 2.0 comes complete with MySQL database, which enables zero-configuration queues, so users can immediately begin using Squeeze Server with minimal to no coding whatsoever.

Squeeze Server 2.0 includes access to hundreds of included additional presets — video encoding parameters that automate the process of transcoding video files in order to optimize playback for any major format, from Flash, H.264 and WebM to MXF, on devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to laptops, PCs, STBs and TV screens.

Sorenson Squeeze Server 2.0 is currently available. There are two licensing models — a one-time cost with ongoing maintenance or variable monthly subscription fee — perfect for virtualized / Cloud usage.