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Sony introduces HDXchange workgroup storage system

Sony is introducing its HDXchange system, a networked IT-based hardware/software suite for managing SD and HD content. Designed for production environments where video content is shared among several users, the new system makes information sharing easier and more efficient.

The HDXchange system's software allows users throughout an organization to easily ingest, log, manage and use content on the system's shared storage. The system allows content acquired on compatible formats or media to be ingested through an industry-standard IEEE-1394 digital interface.

The HDXchange suite provides about 250 hours of video storage (at 25Mb/s HDV, XDCAM HD or DVCAM rates) and automatically generates proxy files for network browsing, offline storyboarding and Web applications. The system will support an optical disc workflow, as well as the workflow of typical DVCAM and HDV users.

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