SlingPath offers SNG training

A UK-based company is offering a competency-based online training course in basic satellite newsgathering (SNG) operations intended for those who are new to the process.

The course, offered by SlingPath in Luton, UK, requires no prior knowledge of SNG. The elementary course takes students through the basics of satellites, how they are used in newsgathering, the various key technical parameters and critical component parts of an SNG system and how to safely work in the field with the equipment.

At the end of each of the seven course modules there is a self-check test, and at the end of the entire course there is a multiple-choice question examination that students must pass to receive a certificate. The course can typically be completed in about seven hours at a student’s own pace.

The online course is followed by a three-day practical course with a hands-on examination at one of eight practical training centers worldwide.

The course is approved and accredited by satellite industry organizations SUIRG (Satellite Users Interference Reduction Group) and WBU-ISOG (World Broadcasting Union - International Satellite Operations Group).

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