Shure updates Wireless Workbench software for UHF-R

Shure has released an upgraded version of its Wireless Workbench software that includes compatibility with both Windows Vista and Apple Macintosh computers, including the current OS X operating system. Wireless Workbench lets users of Shure UHF-R and U-series wireless microphone systems easily configure and control large installations of wireless microphones. The software is supplied as part of the UHF-R system.

“Remote control of audio equipment is becoming increasingly critical in professional sound systems,” said Nick Wood, Shure associate product manager. “We’re excited to bring scanning, frequency coordination and control of Shure wireless systems to Macintosh users. Wireless Workbench 5.0 brings a new level of confidence, efficiency and performance to wireless microphone operation.”

Like earlier versions of Wireless Workbench, the updated software can scan the radio frequency environment, identify potential sources of interference and automatically select operating frequencies that avoid them. The new Wireless Workbench 5.0, which is also compatible with the Windows XP and Vista operating systems, features an enhanced frequency compatibility tool that allows the user to designate certain priority wireless microphones in the sound system and provide an additional safety margin when calculating frequency compatibility for those units. Also, Wireless Workbench 5.0 can download the resulting frequency set to all of the Shure UHF-R receivers on the network.

When used with Shure UHF-R systems, the user’s computer connects directly to the receivers through integrated Ethernet ports, without additional hardware. Wireless Workbench 5.0 can use any one of the connected receivers to scan the spectrum, or an external WiNRADiO receiver. The operating frequencies for existing wireless microphones, personal monitor systems and wireless intercoms (including non-Shure units) can be entered into the software to ensure compatibility among all wireless audio equipment.

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