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SGT launches CG Autocast, for graphics playout automation

IBC2005 saw the launch of SGT's new CG Autocast for graphics automation. It extends the power and capacities of the graphics automation functions that are already incorporated in SGT's Transmission Management line.

The system covers all predefined templates and scenarios, enabling them to be used in real time. Existing templates and scenarios can be modified or new ones added at any time. CG Autocast can be used to automate a wide range of graphic insertions, such as clocks, animated logos, clip credits, crawls or coming next announcements. Data can be entered in real time from agency feeds or from SMS sent in from viewers.

CG Autocast is compatible with all character generators. It abstracts the automation of graphics from the host equipment. The product can manage as many as 32 graphics sources simultaneously and independently for each channel.

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