ScheduALL donates resource management system to Afghan broadcaster

The EDGE system will give Aria Productions automated control over their content workflow

Aria Productions now uses an EDGE system to manage resources for audio and video production. ScheduALL donated the software.

ScheduALL’s recently donated its EDGE system to Aria Productions in Afghanistan. The system is being rolled out now. Aria Productions generates all local content for Tolo TV - one of Afghanistan’s first commercial TV stations. Aria Productions and Tolo TV are run by Afghan Australians.

Much of the existing media is run by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Aria Productions’ goal is to change the landscape so that there is some sustainability to the 'democratization' of Afghanistan.

The EDGE Software is an integrated solution for managing the resources for audio and video production. This includes equipment scheduling, facilities and manpower. In addition to managing schedules for resources, EDGE also provides invoicing, and detailed financial and efficiency reporting capabilities.

ScheduALL worked closely with the personnel from Aria productions to determine their requirements. In a country where the GDP per capita is less than $200, it was not possible to purchase a ScheduALL system. ScheduALL, recognizing the efforts of the Aria personnel, decided to donate a system.

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