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Ross unveils Inception newsroom control system; Masstech supports it

At the recent IBC Show, Ross Video introduced Inception News, its newsroom control system (NRCS) and the first to challenge incumbents Dalet, ENPS and iNews in more than a decade. At the same convention, Masstech, whose systemenable media companies to save, share and transform content, announced Masstech for News media management, a system that integrates tightly with the new Ross system.

Ross’s Inception Newsroom control platform allows journalists to simultaneously create content for both traditional TV channels as well as social media and the Web with the ability to publish finished video files to a list of services including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Brightcove, BIM and WordPress. Ross said the traditional NRCS workflow has been reimagined with Inception providing a comprehensive, easy-to-use environment for news organizations.

David Ross, CEO of Ross Video, said that one of the things that news professionals love about Inception is that social media and the Web are front and center along with the linear news production. The software is designed to work seamlessly with Ross’ other new production solutions, like its Overdrive automated production system and Carbonite mid-sized production switcher.

The power of social media sources like Twitter can be harnessed by Inception to search for potential news stories, break news and promote upcoming events. Inception integrates with on-air graphics systems, enabling audience engagement through Twitter crawls or pops and interactive audience polls.

Inception deployment is easy. Once the main server is installed, a Web browser is all that is required to access the system from anywhere in the world.

Masstech for News allows journalists to automatically archive, access, share and use archived content directly from within the Ross Inception system. It also works with other popular newsroom system interfaces including the Associated Press’ ENPS and Avid’s iNEWS.

The company said Masstech for News allows all elements of a story, including text, metadata and media, to be transferred as a single package between locations, production servers and even different newsroom systems. This makes it easier and faster for journalists to access, retrieve and use news content.

Integration within these familiar NRCS interfaces gives journalists direct, disruption-free access to video and text content stored locally, remotely, in the cloud or produced by third-party wire agencies.