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Pro-Bel provides broadcast system for TV Guide

Pro-Bel is installing a new automation and master control facility at the TV Guide Channel. The new system began operations last May.

Morpheus, the Pro-Bel automation system, will allow the TV Guide Channel to insert live programming and branding into its regular schedule. The station will also have the ability to switch between multiple channels simultaneously.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the TV Guide Channel combines entertainment programming with comprehensive local programming guidance at 2700 different locations throughout the U.S. showcasing digital cable offerings such as VOD and HD programming.

As the company moves towards more live content, they have invested in Pro-Bel technology for two complete transmission systems — one for the East and West coasts — that will broadcast from the TV Guide Channel’s transmission center in Tulsa, OK.

The system consists of a Pro-Bel Aurora control system, Sirius multi-format routing for audio and video, TX Series master control system and Morpheus. The master control system will enable content to be combined from five to 10 different sources including live programming events. Output from both coasts can be controlled from a single panel.

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