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PRO-3 Channel Receiver solves IFB delay in ENG

The Modulation Sciences PRO-3 Channel Receiver solves IFB delays encountered in ENG.

It offers the flexibility to correct any delay issue encountered in the field. The PRO-3 PRO Channel Receiver incorporates four unique solutions for providing IFB to ENG field talent unimpeded by delay.

They include:

  • DELcor technology, which provides an additional audio channel from the studio to the field for carrying undelayed program audio. The DELcor PCG-II generator includes a switcher to move seamlessly and remotely from the DELcor channel to the SAP Channel.
  • DELiminate technology, a uniquely applied squelch technology that silences the earpiece of the talent as soon as he begins speaking, protecting the talent from confusion resulting from delayed program feeds but allowing director interrupts.
  • Combined DELcor and DELiminate.
  • PRO Mix/Minus delivering up to six independent feeds via TV subcarrier to six different ENG sites.

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